The Emotional Alchemist


My spiritual journey began when I was 18 and still develops every day as much as I allow myself to flow with Universal energy.

I am a free spirit living in this life to be happy and enjoy the wonders that the Universe has given me. I call myself "The Emotional Alchemist" because through my own processes in life I learned how to recognize and transform my own emotions in a matter of seconds to change life's experiences.

The word Alchemist - "comes from alchemy, which has its origin in the Greek word khemeia, which means" art of transmuting metals. "

Alchemists were considered chemists because of their work trying to transform basic metals into gold. They were also seen as magicians because they tried to make special elixirs that would give eternal life and cure the disease.

When I act as an Alchemist, I allow myself to transform an illusion into real, and this only happens when I live in the present moment; connect with myself and bring what is true.

From the processes throughout my own life, I realized that all my struggles in the past had been created by myself, until I made the last call to change my present, leaving the past where I belonged and dreaming of Great for a better future.


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