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About ME

why the emotional alchemist

When I act as an Alchemist, I allow myself to transform an illusion into reality, and this only happens when I live in the present moment; connect with myself, and bring what is true.


From the processes throughout my own life, I realized that all my struggles in the past had been created by myself, until I made the last call to change my present, leaving the past where I belonged and dreaming of a better future.

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Live is about giving and serving others in one way or another! When we look at the lives of others that are less lucky than us, our perception of life changes significantly, making us more grateful for our lives as well giving us the courage to get out there and make a better world.

Live is about contribution. It is about sharing our gifts and uniqueness with others. 


What is that special thing that you are bringing into this world?


What makes you unique? 

Dance is a way to lose yourself and to find the muse inside at the same time. 


Make your life a dance!

What is to be me out of your comfort zone, where all your dreams are waiting for you?

It is okay to have fears. Do not let those fears stop you. 

Ahead of those fears there is a stronger and more confident you to discover.

Make that step forward. 

I will be there with you.

What would you do if you were told today that you only had 24 hours to live? 

Be childish again. 

Breathe the joy of life.

What a paradise as a house we were given with an amazing world full of wonders to experience.

How can you make your life the best to enjoy?

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